At The Kaizen Way to Wellness, we attempt to promote the most cutting-edge testing and detection tools. Therefore, we bring to the community Keep Cool Thermography provided by Melissa Huguet.

About Melissa Huguet

Keep Cool Thermography is owned and operated by Melissa Huguet of Green Bay, Wisconsin. She is a Certified Thermographic Technician, a Nutritional Therapist, and creator of the Keep Cool Program. Her mission is to not only keep cancer out of lives, but to inspire women to make positive lifestyle choices in order to abundantly live out the time we have been blessed with on this earth.

Melissa saw her mother face breast cancer and come out victorious. She also walked through her own terrible fears of being the next victim of breast cancer. She now speaks and counsels women of all ages to take control of their health because she does not want to see any women go through what her mother went through and doesn’t want to see any women walk in fear.