I cannot remember how I heard about Dr. Tomas, but shortly after I moved to Iron Mountain I began to see him for chiropractic care…something that I had been doing on a regular basis since I was 16 years old. So…after discussing some of my issues with him, he told me that he knew that we could fix my problems in a more natural, healthy way…and he all but guaranteed it would work, IF I was willing to stick with it.
My main symptoms were heartburn, acid reflux, stomach pain and gas, bloating, water retention, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritic-type symptoms in my knees, hands and feet. I have had most of these symptoms since a very young age. After I turned 18, I moved out of my parent’s house, didn’t eat home cooked meals all the time and instead chose more processed and fast foods. My symptoms got worse fast!
I didn’t really let it affect my everyday life and prevent me from doing anything. I had taken acid reflux, blood pressure and cholesterol medications from the age of 19! I weighed only 130 pounds and still had these issues. The medications caused their own issues as well. I had seen an internal medicine doctor whom I was referred to by my family physician since I was 19. I always noticed I was, by far, the youngest one in the office. It was always older people because I seemed to have “older people problems.” My issues were always managed to a point, but never fixed.
After less than 6 months of care with Dr. Tomas, I had lost 25 pounds….3 inches off my waist line and I no longer have the need for ANY medications. I have lived with moderate to severe heartburn since I was 7-8 years old…to not have to take anything for it is unspeakably amazing to me. Never in a trillion years did I think that would happen. My joint pain is now less than minimal unless I don’t adhere to my eating plan…then it flares up slightly…but to nowhere near what it was. I have an easier time sleeping, getting to sleep (and I actually sleep less but I feel rested during the day) as well as no afternoon crashes like before. My energy level is stable and very good.
My family has not quite cooperated with me on this…so that has been a challenge. It would be so much easier to do if we were all doing it. We still eat together…but I have extra things that I can have…and stay away from the things that I have sensitivity to. It works for us, but like I said…in a perfect world, we would all be doing this together.
I would just like to say, that this has been one of the best things I have ever done. Is it hard? YES…at first…but then it becomes second nature. It feels SO good to feel good.
It’s awesome to not have to go to the pharmacy several times a month…it’s awesome not having to remember to take my medication everyday…it’s SUPER awesome that everyone noticed the change without me saying anything! Comments like, “What have you been doing? You look so good.” Or, “Your skin is so clear, you look 5 years younger than the last time I saw you.” Or, “Wow Randy, whatever you’re doing, keep doing it…you look amazing.” I also enjoy shopping, so shopping for new clothes that fit well was a blast! I feel more confident in myself now and have a better outlook on life because of feeling well and looking good.
Dr. Hemgren and his staff care about our well-being. They are always there to answer questions or to give support. I love my new lifestyle!