I was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden where my family still resides. I started my Chiropractic career as a 16 year old when I received my first adjustment. Having gained major benefits from getting adjusted, it sparked my interest to learn more about the profession and health in general.

I did most of my undergraduate studies in Sweden and finished them in the US before I started Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. Going thru the program completely opened my eyes to health and what it really is. It changed my mindset from the allopathic thinking of sick care to a functional healthcare way of thinking. I realized that the sick care model is failing as people are just getting sicker and chronic disease is on the rise. I learned that we have to take a more functional and preventative approach to regain and keep our health. The answer to our health problems cannot be found in a bottle of pills.

I have been a Chiropractor now for 17 years. I have worked in England, Ireland, Sweden and USA during those years and I have gained a lifetime of experience. One thing that I have realized is that it doesn’t matter what country you are in, the health of people is slowly deteriorating. There are rising levels of chronic disease lurking around the corner. People are taking more medication, only to see their health get worse. It is difficult to stand back and watch this deterioration when we have solutions to these ailments!

This is our mission today… helping people regain their health and preventing them from heading down the path of chronic disease, medications by the handful, a loss of happiness and a reduced lifespan. We aim to teach others that there is another way to live; a healthy way full off vitality and happiness. Not simply ‘just getting by day to day’. It’s about quality not quantity. Together, we can make it happen!

From a very young age, I knew my calling in life was to help others. My journey began with my first adjustment when I was 14.

I suffered with horrible menstrual issues and chiropractic care was my only relief!! Not only did my female problems improve immensely, but other GI issues also cleared up. I made the decision to pursue chiropractic as a profession just shortly after starting college. I didn’t truly understand the impact chiropractic could have on health until I began school at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport IA.

Upon graduation, Dr. Tomas and I practiced in England for one year before opening our own practice in Galway, Ireland. We married in 2004 and had our first child, Madelaine, in 2006…born at home. Raising children so far from family was not our intent and we began the process of moving back to the USA.  In 2009 we were blessed with our second child Alexander and in 2012 our third child Samuel, both also born at home.

Helping to restore health through chiropractic care is of huge importance, however practicing for the past 17 years in 3 different countries has also taught me that our society is in need of more. We have NO clear understanding of what it means to be healthy or how our daily choices impact or vitality. I know this from my own personal experience and watching that of my family and friends. Our world needs a wake-up call. And we are ready to take on that challenge! Our aim is to help our patients become ‘HEALthy’…through HEALing. Whether that be with chiropractic care, the Wellness Way Approach, nutrition or diet changes, we are here to help!



I was born and raised in Kingsford MI until I met my husband Gary and moved to the Florence area.  We have together raised  3 fantastic kids, Laura, Chris and Dan who have blessed us with 6 grandkids; Madde, Bradly, Alex, Carter, Wes & Sam.  

After a 33 year career in banking at Great North Bank in Florence, I recently retired to enjoy my children, grandchildren, and my hobbies.  When my daughter (you know her as Dr. Laura) needed office help, I joined the team at The Kaizen Way to Wellness and found that I thoroughly enjoy being here!  

I now have the opportunity to not only focus on improving and learning about my own health, but helping others to do the same. Providing a fantastic service that allows the person to leave with a smile has always been an important part of my career, and now I get to share that when I meet you!