Can I simply be a chiropractic patient?

Yes! We welcome all types of patients to The Kaizen Way to Wellness! We WILL provide you the best of chiropractic care available which includes a full examination, x-rays and a report of our findings. We DON’T, however, simply adjust new patients without a full examination (so please do not request that of us).

What do I need to bring with to my first appointment?

  • If you are a Medicare eligible patient, please bring your insurance cards.
  • If you are a Kaizen Approach patient, please bring lab records from the past 2 years and any other forms you were not able to email to us prior to your appointment.

Do you submit to insurance?

We submit to and accept payment from Medicare and BCBS. We do not submit to any other insurance programs, but will provide you with the documentation necessary if you choose to submit yourself. Please check with your insurance provider to determine coverage.

Are the Kaizen Approach fees billable to insurance?

Consultations, examinations and nutritional services are not billable to insurance at this time. They may be eligible for HSA or other similar programs. Please check with your program administrators.

Must I have lab work and if so are they billable to insurance?

Lab work is typically required for patients undergoing the Kaizen Approach. All testing requirements will be reviewed with you during the doctor’s consultation appointment. Each lab company has different requirements for payment, including cash only, co-pay/insurance billing, and insurance billing.

Must I take supplements and for how long?

We feel it is important to educate patients on all aspects of their health care issues and therefore we may recommend supplementation to patients regardless of their choice of service. Supplements are specifically chosen based on symptoms, lab test results and result.